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Last revised: April 28, 2014
Contact Information

Campus Data Network

Information Services and Technology (IST) provides UC Berkeley with data communication services in support of electronic information access, exchange and processing. IST plans, installs, and maintains appropriate network infrastructure between buildings, and connections within buildings to individual computers.


Network Service Eligibility Report
Internet Domain Name System (DNS)
Installation of Network Connections
      IST Shopping Cart
      IST Request Form Query
Emergency Maintenance and Planned Outages
Security Information
      Choosing a Good Password
Authentication and Identity Management Information
Campus DHCP Service (formerly the Laptop IP Service, or LIPS)
Remote Access VPN Service
Network Time Services
Usenet News Services
Trouble Reporting
IP Multicast

Network Information

Logical Network:
      Internet Protocol (IP) Information
           RFC 1918 "Private Addresses" Usage Guidelines
           Traceroute Query Page [IPv6 Version]
      Ethernet Vendor Codes
Physical Network:
      Network Maps
External Connectivity:
      CENIC Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California
      National LambdaRail
Monitoring and Measurement:
      ARP Cache Query Page
      Bandwidth / Flow Reporting
      Network Graphs
      Service Usage Statistics

Job Opportunities

Student Jobs:
      Network Engineering Assistant